Rick Weiler has served as an arbitrator in a variety of commercial, employment, insurance, tenancy, real estate and construction matters.

He is dedicated to working with the parties and conducting the arbitration process so as to achieve the benefits the parties anticipated when selecting that process.

Arbitration can be an efficient and effective dispute resolution process. As a general rule parties should have attempted a negotiated or mediated resolution of their dispute before proceeding to arbitration.

In cases where the decision has been made to proceed with arbitration, parties will first determine if the arbitration is to be administered by an organization such as the ADR Institute of Ontario or if it is to be an ad hoc arbitration (i.e. administered by the arbitral tribunal).

Here are suggested Ad Hoc Arbitration Rules and here is Rick's draft Arbitration Agreement.

If Rick has been selected as arbitrator it is his usual practice to convene a preliminary meeting with counsel and parties to deal with a number of issues more fully set out in the draft Preliminary Meeting Agenda that can be seen here.


Rick's Last Minute Availability

Oct. 5, 8.

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